Yukon or Bust 2022

In our 20th year we had to settle for a smaller tour, Montreal to Ottawa Tour 2021, as the world had shut down due to covid.

Well now for our 21st ride we are pulling out all the stops and heading to the Yukon! Yukon being one of the three Canadian Territories of Canada, and the first territory which Canada Cycles for Kids will cover. We are excited to get going on the next adventure in helping children.

Below is our itinerary which will be updated as we approach the date of our departure!

Day 1

July 23, 2022

Arrival in Whitehorse

Day 2

July 24, 2022

Start City: Whitehorse, YT
End City: Tagish, YT
kms: 75

Day 3

July 25, 2022

Start city: Tagish, YT
End city: Skagway, Alaska
kms: 105

Day 4

July 26, 2022

Start city: Haines, Alaska
End city: Canadian Border
kms: 75

Day 5

July 27, 2022

Start City: Canadian Border
End City: 90 km away from Canadian Border

Day 6

July 28, 2022

Start city: Day 5 end point
End city: Haines Junction, YT
kms: 90

Day 7

July 29, 2022

Start city: Haines Junction, YT
End city: Silver City, YT
kms: 60

Day 8

July 30, 2022

Start city: Haines Junction, YT
End city: 
Champagne, YT
kms: 65

Day 9

July 31, 2022

Start City: Champagne, YT
End City: Whitehorse, YT
kms: 80

Day 10

August 1, 2022

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